Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Valentines!

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In anticipation of love, touch, carress,
undress he calls to her and she won't repress
the longing to love, touch,
carress, undress, embrace...hearts race!
A heart presented so sweet can
be devoured, instead it is treasured in awe
loves power
Face to face a lingering kiss takes place
hearts race..............
       Hope you enjoyed that poem, I wrote it!  Valentines day is nearing and I thought I should give you something to prepare for your loved one or potential loved one, I still recommend the "Ossobuco" and will shortly give two recipes that can accompany it.  I am happy to say I'm feeling good about Valentines day this year, as a single person I was usually down and wondering when I'd meet someone I can spend it with who'd shower me with flowers and candy or something and make me feel really special, but I've stopped doing that to myself.  I've learned that I can do all that for myself and then some, I can make myself happy?  Another revelation, live and learn.  This year I will spend Valentines with my children as always and am planning a "child friendly" dinner, but I didn't want to offer that on this entry, this entry is for lovers. 

      I want to share that my friend Morgan has set up a "blind date" for me on the 12th of February (which I refuse to call a Valentines date), I had been declining her offer for a while, but she insists he is "smart" and that caught my attention, how refreshing to hear there exist intelligent men in Florida (no offense), it seemed guys here just like sports and sport bars.  I'm still hesitant, but am now committed, she's already set it up.  For the first time ever I don't expect anything great to happen with a guy, don't have big dreams of a whirlwind love affair, I think I'm more nervous that maybe somewhere inside I want to remain single, so  I don't have to say goodbye when I'm ready to begin my travels.  I won't worry about that now, all I can do is be honest and hope things just fall into place.

     Ok, ok, sorry I bored you with that let me say a few things on the two recipes I am going to give you for your special Valentines dinner.   I've decided that the best match for the ossobuco is polenta for two reasons the first being it's simple to prepare, simple is important that day because you'll be nervous about your date or about impressing your date and you want to get it right.  The second is, the wonderfully smooth texture of the polenta mingles well with the ossobuco, imagine slicing into the polenta with your fork, then into the ossobuco, then putting both in your mouth simultaneously, the mixture of savory polenta and robust ossobuco on your pallate will make you moan in delight and as I said before "fall in love".

     The next recipe will be a dessert called "zabaglione", no, it's not chocolate!  I'm personally a bit tired of the old chocolate on Valentines theme, this is just as good and believe me, very, very romantic.  Zabaglione is a light custard, but it's not boring, once you take a bite your hooked by the creamy, sweet taste heightened by the marsala wine, terribly good and it will certainly enchant your guest served over the favorite fruit of Valentines: strawberries.  Below find the recipe for Mushroom and Gorgonzola polenta and Zabaglione, take your time, put love into your food (it makes a difference), don't be affraid and again FALL IN LOVE!  HAPPY VALENTINES!


2 teaspoons chopped shallots
1 tablespoon of butter
3 cups of chicken stock
1 cup of cornmeal
6 oz sliced mushrooms
3 oz gorgonzola cheese

Saute the shallots and mushrooms in butter, set aside.  Bring the stock to a boil, season, add the cornmeal in a steady stream while stirring constantly, continue stirring while it cooks until it starts coming off the side of pan. Now stir in the mushroom and half of the gorgonzola, pour it into a baking dish, spaced evenly.  cool it so it can firm up.  Sprinkle the rest of the gorgonzola on top and bake it at 375 until it's golden.


6 egg yolks
4 tablespoons of sugar
1/2 cup of marsala wine
6-8 fresh strawberries any size
dash of black pepper

Cut the strawberries in four or bite size and set aside.  In a double boiler (which can be a mixing bowl over a pot of hot water) whisk the yolks with sugar until creamy add the marsala wine and whisk until the mixture looks double in volume, it may seem as though the mixture is very liquidy and not firming up, but keep whisking it will become thick, remove it from the heat and continue whisking to cool it down, (I refrigerated mine for about a half hour, allowing it to thicken more, but really it depends on the consistancy you want, either way it's delicious).   Pour it over the strawberries and sprinkle with black pepper, yes black pepper!  Trust me it's great!  Of course you can add whipped cream if you wish and chocolate shavings rather than pepper, but the pepper makes it sexy.  The photo above would be a serving for two.  Enjoy!

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