Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A chill in the kitchen

       Hello again, I appologize for my absence the past month, you know the story, work, kids, school and what comes in between.  I am done with Garde Mange!! Hoorraaahhh!   I carved fruit, learned to make hor d'oeuvre, how to dress up platters, decoration of tables and last but not least ice carving, yes, ice carving, I worked on my very own one hundred and twenty five pound ice block, I will admit I was intimidated by it, the thought of me conquering this enormous cube of ice was inconceivable more so because I was exhausted and didn't know where the strength would come from.  It was the motto I'd  recently decided to stick to that got me through  "just do it" I'd tell myself, "forget the exhaustion and the lack of sleep and the work ahead, just do it!!"  So I did,  not before sinking a little deeper into the intimidation realm after being informed the carving had to be 3D, "front and back must match" said Chef, "oh shit!' I whispered, we even had to make our own templates, nothing would come easy that evening and why should it have?  In the end we were better chefs for it.  My shape of choice the infallible heart, I couldn't get that wrong, I told myself after staring the ice block down, a heart in 3D it will be.

        As I chiseIed away, mounds of slush formed on my table as they melted, the ice water splashed and dripped on to my jacket and pants, I was a machine chiseling non-stop, intent on  getting it right.  I stood back a moment and observed the shape of my heart when what appeared to be a snowball struck me on the shoulder sending drops of cold water to my face, I shrugged it off and continued working, while the messenger of said snowball giggled behind me "asshole" I whispered as I continued my endeavor. I did it! I finished my carving! A satisfied smile lit up my face as I stood there soaking wet and a little cold, then I cursed myself for not having brought my camera, I did have some classmates take pictures of my sculpture, but you know how that goes, you have to wait to recieve them and so I am.  It was easy on the eyes my heart ice sculpture, I made it look as if it were going to fall off it's pedestal, when Chef came by to look at it, I informed him I like the "rustic" look, he informed me that was just another way of saying "country style" oh well.  He liked it though and I liked it, I was proud of myself and what I've achieved here, so folks I know carve ice, who'd a thought?

       My business cards arrived a couple of weeks ago and I wasted no time in distributing them to co-workers/friends, no business yet, but I am hopeful, I have searched for work in the food industry but nothing there either.   Work is more tolerable now, the pay however just isn't cutting it, my dream of becoming a chef is closer at hand now next quarter it's management class then some general education classes, then graduation, then Europe!!!  I hope, below find a photo of my presentation for final exams, beggars purses, quessadillas, pinwheels of sundried tomato filling, sliced chicken galantine and a peanut sauce for dipping, thanks for reading, feel free to comment and ask questions, I will be back soon, take care!!!!

UPDATE:  I have finally been sent photo of my ice sculpture see below.   (No that's not me, it's a classmate who decided he needed a raincoat for protection from frost bite I suppose, quite funny actually) bye!

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