Sunday, March 27, 2011


      Out of school for a week now and have siezed every opportunity to cook, or drive-thru or simply enjoy dinner with the kids in a restaurant.   I guess I'm restless, I need to cook or experience food in some new way, which is hard  (unless I patronize all the restaurants in Florida) and it leads me back to cooking.  In cooking I can put a twist on recipes, try new things and have the satisfaction of knowing "I" did it "I" made that and yes, "I" have control.   In my quest to find a new food, I thought I'd try the new "footlong coney" at Sonic, so I drove through and ordered it, with chili, no cheese though, just by looking at the cheese on top of the chili in the photo I could tell it would be overpowered by salt.  I also ordered onion rings a regular hot dog and a chicken sandwich, oh and the "must have" the ultimate "Sonic" experience the "Sonic blast".   As I waited in the car with my kids, I took a second look at the description of the "footlong coney" which refers to Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York, where I grew up, I had many a hotdog in Coney Island, but can't ever remember having a footlong, perhaps it's something Sonic concocted for those who miss their hometown and want a lingering memory of the wonderful Coney Island hot dogs, who knows?   The really neat thing about Sonic is it's a "drive in" restaurant and you have "carhops" deliver the food to your car on skates,  it boggles my mind how they could keep up the pace for the duration of thier shift, but is fun to watch. 

   Once we recieved our order, I drove home, I wanted to examine and thoroughly appreciate my footlong, the kids enjoyed thier chicken sandwich and hot dog and I thought my footlong was going to quell my hunger for the "new", however, with the first bite I was disappointed even without the cheese it was salty and had no crunch, as far as I was concerned it was barely edible with the chili on it.   The onion rings however, were quite tastey and crunchy.  If you want something really great from Sonic get the blt, it is laden with bacon, has crunch and is worth the price, , I order it without the mayo (not fond of mayo) and even without mayo it's great.  The java chillers are great too and the Sonic blast is definately a blast. 

  Still feeling the sense of urgency to cook, I found myself volunteering to grill for the staff at a barbecue lunch to be held at my job.  All I remember is a co-worker said I should cook at the barbecue coming up and I just ran with it, as soon as I knew it all my co-workers and supervisors chipped in for an employee barbecue to be cooked by "me".  It all seems so distant now and it was just last week, I went shopping Wednesday evening and Thursday morning I was prepping and grilling lunch for my co-workers, I made peas and rice, since the bacon wrapped shrimp was well recieved at school I put that together and beef kebabs with green peppers and onions and for dessert s'mores.  It was a hot day and the grill made it hotter, but I was fine, theres nothing I love more than cooking and making people happy with the food I prepare.   We had a great time and I was given the opportunity to show my peers my capabilities, but above all I was fulfilled, the urgency to cook diminished, (perhaps due to exhaustion?)  even if just for a day and then there's that notion that I'm "believed" in, that's a pretty cool notion.  Below find a photo and the simple recipe for bacon wrapped shrimp, thank you for reading, take care, enjoy!

Bacon wrapped shrimp

     Peel and devein the shrimp, take a strip of bacon and wrap it around the shrimp, pierce the shrimp with a skewer insuring you've pierced the end flap of bacon then continue straight through insuring you pierce the top flap of bacon so that it doesn't slip off of the shrimp, depending on the size of the shrimp you can determine how many should go on a skewer, I chose jumbo shrimp, so that allowed for two on a skewer.  Make sure the grill is very hot, then you can place your shrimp on it, you will experience some flames due to the fat on the bacon dripping, in that case close the lid of the grill it will put out the fire or you can precook the bacon in the oven for a few minutes to melt some fat, then wrap the shrimp, it's your choice, I found the flames exciting and was fine with it.   When the bacon is crisp and has a nice color your shrimp is done, you can seve it with a sweet and sour sauce or tartar sauce, enjoy!

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