Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ciao Global!

        Thursday I completed the last day in Global Cuisine, there was really nothing more to do that day exams were behind us, not much cleaning was needed because prior classes did the bulk of it, so what were we to do? Eat that's what.  We agreed we'd do a "potluck" dinner and most all of us brought something in, being that I was pressed for time, I took the easy way out and picked up some krispy kremes on the way to class, of course the fact that I didn't cook them didn't stop my classmates from devouring them.  I passed my finals creating a bacon-wrapped shrimp with a mango-cranberry sauce as an appetizer and my entree consisted of a pork tenderloin with an herb crust on top and the mango-cranberry sauce spread underneath, I did this to show the sauce was versatile and to bind the two dishes, accompanying the tenderloin was rice pilaf, sauteed carrots and cremini mushrooms.  Chef seemed to genuinely enjoy both and verbalized it and I was deeply relieved to finally be done with exams.  I've made the grade and am moving on to Garde Manger, which translates to keeper of food, but today means preparer of cold foods such as salads and hors d'oeuvres and is also the art of decorating foods as well.

    Believe it or not I'm trying to adjust to the fact that I'm free from school for the next three weeks, yahhoooo!  All I can think of is excercising, so this weekend I took the kids and walked/jogged in the park and will continue for the next three weeks, I will also be trying new recipes and posting them on here.  In celebration of my brief freedom I vowed to veg out in bed for a while and just watch movies Friday, so I went to the library to pick up some movies I had on hold, as I approached the checkout counter my insides jolted and I nearly felt paralyzed, it was "him" no none of the guys mentioned in previous entries, a librarian I came accross nearly a year ago when I had to do my paper on figs first quarter.  I went to pick up some books on hold and "he" began reciting the titles of the fig books, I laughed as I stated they were for research, "he" taught me about cross-referrencing and kept speaking, I got shy and said bye leaving him with the words in his mouth.  As soon as I walked away I regreted it, I wanted to stay and talk to him, I figured I'd see him the next time I came in, but it didn't happen, I thought I'd never see him again and put it behind me.

 Now here he was saying hello and telling me I should watch the moon that night and that "we" (people in general) don't watch the moon enough, I told him I do that often (it's true) hell I even recognize different bird species and their calls, so why wouldn't I watch the moon?  Once again I walked away not knowing much more about him except the fact that he's got a brain, I did watch the moon Friday night, my daughter informed me it was a full moon, it was beautiful and he was right "we" hardly take the time to appreciate the wonderful gifts we've been given.  I can only hope I get to see him again, maybe even manage to get more words out?  Shortly I will post a picture of the dishes I prepared for finals.  Thank you for reading, please take the time to try the poll I have to the right and comment if you wish, take care!  PS. Please enjoy the photo of Fridays' full moon.


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