Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Culinary heights

   Garde Manger (gar manje)  has begun and it's more than I dreamed it would be, I am two weeks in and have already learned to carve a swan from various fruits and how to carve images onto a melon, how to arrange fruits and cheeses for a buffet or platter, I've even made mozzarella cheese, yes, yes I did.   We must work with a partner in this class and that's great experience, two brains working head to head to create, it's challenging and enlightening because you find out first hand what someone thinks of your ideas/creativity.   I  have recieved business offers to create fruit baskets for special occasions very exciting.  Garde Manger class is making me think more, I find myself pushing my brain to create exquisite platters and buffet style presentations, the artist in me can manifest itself here and I am finally feeling the ultimate in confidence.   I am strong as ever and proud I hung in there and didn't quit.  In an effort to slip into the culinary world I have applied for jobs in supermarkets and restaurants, yet have heard nothing, I couldn't let that deter me though so in order to keep my dream alive I made a spontaneous decision to order business cards,  for what? you might ask well I didn't know, I scanned through the designs,chose a card that spoke to me, made up a business name and ordered two hundred and fifty business cards for my new culinary business called "I'll Cook" .  That's how it is with me I "jump in", sometimes the results of that can be devastating, other times they cause utter ebullience.

     So I am starting a business, I have no money, no space, nothing , nothing but the passion and "know how" and urge to branch out on my own.  I can still see myself traveling to Europe with my kids in 2012, what's going to get me there?  that's left to be seen, I am working on various projects, even have a cookbook in mind, I never mentioned I am writing a novel, slowly but surely, it's almost done,  the possibility of finding work in a restaurant might help too, so I am "on the ball" just a bit impatient.  The realization that I've given up on wanting/finding a boyfriend kicked in a few days ago, recently I just find myself admiring good looking guys and hey why not?  I'm single and am finally embracing the single life and it's damn good.  I fear a man in my life will get me off course from my goals and once again I'll put my dreams on "hold" . But enough about guys below I have affixed some photos from Garde Manger class, hope you enjoy them and I will soon post some more recipes and more culinary escapades, thank you for reading, take care!

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