Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sauteed Plums and Red Grapes over baked chicken

     Hello, hope your all doing well today.  It's been raining here in Florida for a couple of days now on and off, I'm glad though, it's a break from the scorching hot sun.  Not that it's been terribly hot lately, but it's coming after all this is Florida.  Some days ago I was informed by a friend that it's spring, I know, I know your probably thinking duh! she doesn't know when spring is, actually no, it's hard for me to accept it's spring here  because of the constant heat.  I told her I feel like it's always summer she guarranteed me it is spring, I ended the argument by accepting it's spring and again reminding her it doesn't feel like it...  That day began with me thinking about a nice light dish to prepare and post for all to see.  As I sat for lunch at work pondering, a male co-worker approached my table, he was carrying something on the tip of his finger, it was moving slowly.  As he came closer, I nearly jumped out of my seat and ran for cover, my heart leaped and I think I even gagged at the prospect of what it was he was carrying.  I managed to let out part of the word what, it went something like "whhhaa", he immediately said "it's a caterpillar isn't it cute?" I think he noticed my face was pale and I was nearly out of my seat, do you think he noticed I was in deep panick mode?  Anyway all I could say to him was that the damn caterpillar reminded me of a whole other type of caterpillar I encountered a few years ago called a puss caterpillar.  Long story short, puss caterpillars have a painful bite and they exist here in Florida, so don't touch then, relocate them or keep away from them, never play with them.
     Back to the result of my pondering during lunch, something light in my mind meant perhaps fruit or vegetables with poultry or pork.   It felt as though the answer wasn't going to come to me at work, so I let it go.  While I cleaned out my refrigerator a few days ago, there was some fruit we hardly touched and still in an edible state, then it came to me, I would prepare a baked chicken with a saute of juicy plums and red grapes in orange olive oil, yes orange! insane? No way, it was delicious, providing the palate with that wonderful balance of sweet and savory, the subtle flavor of orange can be noticed if you pay attention, it's one of those playful dishes you want to enjoy with your family.  Below find the recipe for sauteed plums and grapes with baked chicken, enjoy!

Sauteed plums and red grapes with baked chicken

2 plums
20 red grapes
2 tablespoons orange olive oil
2 tablespoons sugar

Heat the olive oil in pan, Slice the plums into wedges, cut the grapes.  Once the oil is hot place plums and grapes inside, when they are tender add the sugar and stir gently.  When the plums are tender, turn off the heat.  For the chicken follow the recipe for the baked chicken I have listed for Easter, excluding the onions and corrots, season with salt and pepper.  Slice some of the chicken breast or any piece you wish, place over white rice if desired then place the sauteed fruits over the chicken.  This dish will make your palate sing and it's very simple to prepare, thank you for looking, please comment, I look forward to it, take care!!
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