Sunday, September 14, 2014

Figs and figments...

Hello everyone, I hope you all find yourselves  doing  well .   I’m finally on the right track, start working tomorrow  and have rented a studio in West Palm Beach.   It’s been an excruciatingly hot summer here in Florida and I yearn for cooler weather, fingers crossed it should be coming soon.

It's a bit of a blur now, but I think I was in a relationship at some point.  It's over now.  Had to be over because I'd never stay with someone who clearly wanted to break me.  Feels surreal.  And that's that, I won't dedicate another second to whatever it was.

That being said, I am once again entertaining the idea of leaving Florida forever.   I won’t give myself a time frame or make a plan, but I will say, first chance I get I’m gone.  But in the meantime I will try different foods, blog, write, discover new places,  try new restaurants , swim as much as possible and cook, cook, cook.  

Without further adieux I give you a very simple  recipe for those of you trying to figure things out and unable to focus on a more challenging feat.  Pancetta wrapped figs, Brown Turkey figs to be exact.  I passed them in the produce section at the market and thought "wow"!  I knew they would be great, the mix of the sweet watermelon- like flavor of this fig and the savory/salty taste of the pancetta with  the added delicate taste of the olive oil and the little pop! from the black pepper come together in your mouth and give you a sense of hope once again.    I wish you all REAL love.   Below find my simple , uncomplicated recipe for pancetta wrapped figs, which I displayed in a styrofoam bowl because...I'm starting over and have no real ones....  Enjoy!  

Pancetta wrapped figs

1/4 pound pancetta
2 medium figs
1 teaspoonextra virgin olive oil
pinch of black pepper

  Clean figs, then slice in quarters.  Separate pancetta , wrap fig slices in pancetta and place on plate.  Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with pepper.  Voila!  A simple bite for those tough times.


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