Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving....Thoughts On Turkey.


   It is my deepest wish that you all have an awesome Thanksgiving day accompanied by all the people you love.  Myself?  Well....I'm good, great in fact.  I will be surrounded by people I love and want to share this special day with.  But what makes me happiest on this day is cooking!  Feeding those people I love some really great food just rocks my world.  I know it's a little late, some of you have probably already finished cooking and are just relaxing now until dinner time.  But perhaps I can reach out to the few who  are a bit confused on how they want to cook their turkey or if they can....

   As ;much as I want to make this brief (.and I do because I've still got to prepare the mashed potatoes and help my daughter with her cake recipe).   I know this won't be brief because I do this.. gab on and on....sorry.    Before I go on about turkey I want to share my feelings (I'm doing it again).  I want to tell you I'm fine, my last post worried me after I wrote it because I felt I might have come across as sad or upset.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just that after so much disappointment in my life, I promised myself I would strive to find happiness in all situations.   So I want to tell you all I'm fine, I feel a sense of promise, I've grown as a person and shrunk as a person (went down a size) and there have been signs of happiness, oh and I laughed heartily.  It's all the experiences we go through that help make us better people, so I'm glad and thankful for them.

  For the past few months when I thought of Thanksgiving, I thought "bacon" yup "bacon".   I did attempt a turkey topped with bacon before, but that didn't go well.  I didn't like that in slicing the turkey, the bacon came off with it, a cluster of bacon....leaving the breast barren...I was inexperienced in the turkey thing back then, I was young and careless and I didn't even try to fix it.  Last night I was more meticulous in the distribution of the bacon and I'm thinking today I won't be such a "turkey" at preparing the turkey.....

  Now, my turkey is still in the oven, so I can't post a photo of it cooked, but I am going to show you how I dressed it and seasoned it.  When it's actually done, I will post  photos of the results.   So here we go. 

   Thaw the turkey completely, I do this the day before out of the refrigerator in cold, salted water, changing the water every forty five minutes or so.  Remove all giblets from crevices please!  I first season the turkey with salt and pepper, then begin to strategically place butter on it.  First I loosen the skin in the breast area by sliding my hand in gently.  I then take pieces of butter and insert them under the skin.  I then take a slice of bacon which I cut in half and place that under the skin as well.  It doesn't have to be neat, remember that the purpose of it is flavor and also to enhance moistness.   Place butter in crevices and you can also put some bacon pieces in.  To finish, I place the remaining slices of bacon on the top of the turkey facing me and also on the leg area , covering the legs completely.  I placed the turkey in the oven at 325 covered in foil.  That's only to start.  I will remove the foil once the bacon has rendered some because I don't want the fat spattering all over the oven and we want to keep that fat near the turkey anyway.  In the area of time where the turkey is nearing doneness, I will remove the foil and turn up the temperature to achieve a golden color and more crispness.   Baste!  Don't forget to baste!  At least every half hour.   That's it!      Enjoy!

Here are photos of the end result, moist, tender ,tasty turkey covered with crispy bacon strips, which were very easy to cut through.  I managed to get a piece of bacon on every serving and my family was in awe of the flavor and presentation.

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