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Monday, January 9, 2012

Breakfasts of the world competition/Sausage Gravy

         Hello everyone!! Hope you all find yourselves well in the new year.  In my last post I mentioned that I will be one of the judges on a virtual cooking competition hosted by, well, the time has come.  The judges were asked to create a plate of their own and take a photo of it, I took a while to decide what it was I wanted to prepare, I mean breakfast is my favorite meal, especially a good, hearty breakfast, how could I choose just one thing?  After pondering for hours, possibly even in my sleep, it came to me, I don't have to prepare just one thing do I?  I can make a plate out of my favorite things can't I?  I'll answer that one..Yes.. I can!   But there was a catch, I would only give the recipe to one item on the plate, the item I found so mind blowing it had to be the main staple in my dish, ladies and gentlemen I present to you Sausage Gravy.
     The first time I had sausage gravy was in a cafe here in West Palm Beach, as I was reading the menu in the cafe I came accross something called 'sausage gravy" I became curious "what's sausage gravy"? I asked myself, and as that thought left my head the waitress approached my table to take our order after ordering the "Farmers' Breakfast"  I found myself saying "with the sausage gravy please".  When my breakfast arrived I was delighted, everything looked so fresh and inviting, I peeked into this bowl the waitress placed next to my plate and said to my girls "this must be the sausage gravy"  we all picked up our forks and went in for a try, just below the gravys' surface we encountered a firm mass, I uncovered it with my fork, turns out it was a biscuit, oh my!  I dug in deeper making sure to take a good piece of the biscuit and a generous amount of the gravy, as I put it in my mouth and let it sit just a second on my tongue (that's all I could wait) the world became a better place, I wanted to sing songs of joy and perhaps even dance...I quickly discovered sausage gravy is a Southern creation (thank you) and is now one of my favorite breakfast picks.
     So I decided to call my dish "my favorite things breakfast" which includes seared beef tenderloin delicately sliced and drizzled with a chunky sausage gravy I created, two poached eggs atop the tenderloin covered with gravy, a batch of home fries and a double decker biscuit doused with sausage gravy and these are just a few of my favorite things.  My friends below find the recipe for sausage gravy and  please feel free to go to to compete you never know you just might win.  If you would like the recipe for the rest of the items on my plate feel free to contact me, I'd be honored to share it with you, thank you, take care and enjoy!

My favorite things breakfast 

Leslie's chunky Sausage Gravy

1 cup of flour
3 cups of beef stock
8 sausage links of any kind minced 
4 tablesoons of oil
1/2 cup of heavy cream
salt to taste
pepper to taste

            Heat oil in a pan, once hot add minced sausage, cook until brown add flour a little at a time while mixing it with sausage.  Add in beef stock a cup at a time and stir as you add each cup, once you've added the last cup of stock mix all the ingredients thoroughly and yes you should expect to see lumps that's what makes the chunky sausage gravy.  Add in the heavy cream now and let it simmer for two minutes add the salt and pepper to taste and there you have it Leslie's chunky sausage gravy, enjoy!!